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Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park South Africa

The second week is underway for those who traveled from the Shetek conference of the ELCA to the Ondini Circuit of the ELCSA.  Today we are playing tourist.  We have made our way to the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi park.  The park lies in the heart of Zulu country and was once the sole hunting area of Zulu kings.  This is Africa’s oldest wilderness area.  Our day begins with a 5:00 a.m. game drive.


our tour bus


We climb into 11 passenger open air vehicles long before sunrise and head off into the chill of early morning.




Fog fills the valleys as the sun rises.




There is nothing like the sunrise over the thorn veld of Africa.




The hoot of a baboon brings us to a stop underneath a Eucalyptus fig, where the baboons are having breakfast.




Baby animals are everywhere.  This zebra was the first of the day.


White rhino


Soon we see a rhino family cross the road with oxpeckers on his back.  Hluhluwe is famous for its project to save the white rhino which started in the 1950’s.




A hyena slinks through the thorn along the road.


tea time


We take a stretch break for tea and biscuits and then continue our tour.




Female and young Nyala are eating beneath the trees.




We see many kinds of birds, and so many elephants that we start getting selective about the photos we take of them.

Our morning drive is over.  It’s time for breakfast and some time on the internet. then off for a nap.


our hut


Levi, Ron and I have a two bedroom place set into the trees.

window sticker

A window sticker warns you to keep doors and windows closed to keep monkeys and baboons out.




Window screens are there to keep out monkeys and baboons.  They do nothing to keep out insects and small lizards.




This troop of monkeys was playing just outside our door and came within a few feet of us.




Baboons crossed between us and our lodge, and played on the roof of Mark’s place.


The other half of our group


Our evening game drive lasted until past sunset.


more elephant

We saw lots more elephant, perhaps over 100.  Also in evidence were rhino, cape buffalo and warthog.


We caught a sight of a male nyala, impala and gazelle, as well as a nile croc, bush baby and eagle owl.

Our day at Hluhluwe had come to an end.  We had a late dinner buffet with roasted eland, served with cranberry sauce, as the main meat, got ourselves back to our places and ready for bed.  Tomorrow we go back to Kwazamohkule.



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