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Should we?
February 25, 2011, 9:19 am
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I’ve been reading some information that says that in 30 to 35 years medical and computer technology will have advanced to the point that man may be able to dramatically extend his lifespan.  Maybe even hold off death completely. That it will be possible to not only stop aging, but to reverse it.   The question is should we?

Science will continue its advance.  The amount of technology available is continuing to double every two years.  It has been that way for so long it is hard to believe.  Through good times and bad, technology has advanced.

But who will benefit from these advances?  Will it be everyone or only a few?  How will we feed all of those people?  Will there be jobs enough, resources enough to support all of those 100+ year old people?  Will we want to live nearly forever?  Should we be allowed to live forever?  Where will we put everyone?  Are we the last generation to be held to an average life span of under 80 years?

The questions are just starting to be asked today, the answers will be coming in the future.  These questions will have to be asked and answered by many who are alive today.

We may be able to live forever.  Should we?


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There are some impossible ethical questions sorrounding this topic.. and religious for some.

Even if people will still die of disease and accidents – and I doubt that “aging” is one single managable function (so many parts in the body evolve differently and independently), this is difficult. And some are bound to postpone old age indefinitely, if they have the means to do so. But it feels wrong somehow.

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