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The political truth
March 12, 2011, 8:43 pm
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There is a line in the movie, “A Few Good Men” where the colonel sneers “You can’t handle the truth.”  I think our politicians feel the same way about us, but they do it for a good reason.  If they told us the truth we would not reelect them.  Here are some political truths for you.  Some of which you may not want to hear.

Our country does not collect enough money in taxes to pay for all of the things the people want the government to provide for it.  The IRS collects enough money to cover Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the interest on the national debt.  For all other things the government provides it must borrow money.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans have it all right.  The people will elect the candidate they think the country needs at that time, but usually they elect the right person too late.

No action of the congress, nor of the president, will affect the economy of our country overnight.  It usually takes years for any political action to affect our nations economy.  A case in point, the current housing crisis is usually blamed on the administration of George H. Bush, but the laws that caused the crisis were passed in the administration of Jimmy Carter.  Because the congress did not fund the program, it took until the Clinton administration for funding for the housing boom to start, and the Bush administration for the bust.  If you want to fix something in the U.S. economy, you need to pass the bill about twelve years ago.

Just because congress passed the bill, it does not mean that it will actually come to pass.  No law will actually do anything if it is not funded and enforced.  Congress passes the laws, the president signs them, but until the courts determine it to be constitutional, and some department of the government actually administers and enforces the law, it does not happen.

You cannot tax only the rich to pay for all that the people want their government to provide.  First off, there are not enough of them.  Secondly, the rich have enough money to go elsewhere to live if they feel hard pressed by a government.  That’s why states, and countries, that have no income tax have a larger number of rich people.

When you tax business you tax everyone, even the poor.  Business must have profit to stay in business.  If business cannot pay it’s bills and its taxes, prices must either be raised or the business will fail. Either of these events will affect the poor who depend on the jobs provided by business more than the rich.

Oh, I know there are some other political truths I could add to this, but these are enough for now.


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