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The melt and my basement
March 21, 2011, 8:42 am
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The rising temperatures have caused the rapid melting of the mountains of snow we have around here.  This has also caused the rivers to rise over their banks, and some water to creep into basements.

The basement of my old house will, in the wettest periods, have water in it.  I added another sump pump to help with this problem, but putting in the pump is only the beginning.  I installed a tile line to an old problem spot, only to discover more places that water comes in.

Normally I discover the water when it covers the basement floor.  This year I have been making frequent trips downstairs and have been looking for each place the water creeps in.  It is helping me to understand my basement.  It has also caused me to be amazed at the persistence of water.  It seems that over time water will creep through the smallest of cracks, some I cannot even see.

Most of my basement walls are poured concrete rather than concrete block.  When it was poured, they poured the footings and the wall in one piece.  This made the wall able to hold out most water so that water will actually come through the floor in many places before it comes through the walls.  It does find ways to weep through the walls in some places.

Now I’m off to break up more of my basement floor in hopes of keeping the basement dry.  This year I know that a dry basement is hopeless.  Perhaps in the future I can keep the water out.



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