Minnesota Farmer

Spring Migration Pause
March 24, 2011, 4:29 pm
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With the cold of the last few days the ducks and geese have paused their northward migration to take advantage of flooded fields in our area.  Although the rivers are open, many lakes are still ice covered so going further north is not going to work too well.  Gleaning spilled grain from farm fields will help them get some energy to complete their flight.

Our local geese have claimed their nesting spots, although there is still ice around them in the ponds and lakes, and rivers are at forcing the geese further away from normal riverbanks.  Two days ago when the winds were so gusty out of the north some of the geese were having a tough time holding their spots on the ice as they were pushed down wind.

All rivers are well out of their banks, although the cold has allowed for a slowdown in the surge.  Some were predicting historically high water levels, but the lack of frost in farm fields this year means that most water is sinking in rather than running off.  A few bridges have reappeared, but that could change when the warm weather returns.  Mother Nature is still in control.


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