Minnesota Farmer

18 years ago, 36 years ago

Some of you have heard the discussion of the moon being closer than it has been for 18 years and what this may mean for us.  My dad and I were discussing my previous post and the forecast for the summer.  He mentioned that 18 years ago we had a cool wet summer, and that it had also been cold and wet 38 years ago when the moon was at its closest.  Does the moon affect our weather?

We know that the tides of the ocean respond to the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.  Higher tides are found as the moon gets closer, or when it lines up with the sun.  Is it too much of a stretch to think that the water vapor in our air may also respond to the moon?

Our weather across the world is affected by the movement of our oceans waters.  The well documented El Nino and La Nina changes in the Pacific show this to be true.  How much are these affected by the moon?

Ancient people who did not have all of our science claimed the effect of the sun and moon on many things.  One of the things that they may have been right on could be the weather.  I’ve seen the wisdom of older people to be true too often to discount it.  Either way, it makes for an interesting discussion.


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