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March 2011, will spring come?
March 31, 2011, 12:25 pm
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The weather here in southwestern Minnesota has been a bit chilly lately.  That has been good news for those who live along rivers and streams that have gone over their banks, but bad news for farm folks anticipating planting season.

Ditch and field snow

The snow has not completely left the open areas of the fields yet.  Road ditches and protected areas hold still more.  Very little snow has melted in the last weeks.

Area rivers have crested for now and seem to be receding.  Some low areas still have water in them although the water level has gone down.  Ducks and geese are still making good use of the added landing spots.


snow banks still as tall as a truck


In some protected areas the snow can still be found to be very deep.  These areas must melt before we can even consider field work.


snow melt damage


The earlier snow melt has damaged some back country roads.  It is hoped that there is not similar damage in the fields.


snow in the tree line


The largest amount of snow is to be found in the tree lines.  This will create wet areas on field edges for some time yet.


water level still high


The area I dug out for my pond is still nearly full of water.  I’ll have a challenge getting the liner in it until that dries up.

So for now spring is on hold.  With daytime temperatures only a bit above freezing and most nights below freezing, it is hard to get rid of much moisture.  Now the forecast is for some more snow just when we need sunshine and warm winds.

I usually try to get started planting corn about April 23.  Some area farmers have pushed  planting well before that in drier years, but this may not be one of them.  Hopefully we can get corn planting done this year by May 10.  We’ll see if the weather lets us.




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