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No panic, yet!
April 26, 2011, 8:10 am
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It’s April 26, and I should be planting corn.  No panic, yet!

Each years weather is so different.  One year we have an early planting season, the next year could be late.  When should we be planting corn and soybeans here in southwestern Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota says that we should be starting to plant corn here about April 23.  The crop insurance folks will not insure a corn crop planted before April 15.  These are just dates on a calendar.  The real best starting date is when the field conditions, moisture and temperature, are right.

It is recommended that for the best yield, corn should be planted here before May 10.  After that date, on average, you will start to lose some yield.  We could continue to plant the same recommended varieties of corn here until May 20, after that you need earlier maturing varieties.

Soybeans need warmer weather to germinate so we plant them later here.  Unlike corn, which needs a certain amount of heat to mature, soybeans are a day light sensitive crop.  When the days get shorter, they set seeds.  Thus soybeans are not as touchy about when they are planted.  They do need a certain amount of time to get big enough to bear seed.  The earlier you plant the better chance you have of getting a good crop.  Soybeans are more likely to freeze in a late frost than corn, so some caution on early planting is advised..

So no panic about getting the crop in yet.  We’ve been blessed the last few years with an early planting season.  This one is late.  We will get the crop planted.  I always have.



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