Minnesota Farmer

A wet week

The last week has been a bit wet and more rain is now falling.  If I had really wanted to I could have planted about a day in the entire week.  Due to some tractor problems we decided to take two of our tractors into the shop to have some work done on them.  Nothing major, yet, but something that needed to be fixed.

We had about an inch of rain for the week.  Nothing real heavy, just several days where it dripped rain for hours.  My option to field work was getting the landscape work done by the pond.  I’ve spent a lot of time trudging around in muddy boots to get rocks and planters set.

That work meant being in the pond and the water is still very cold, thus the chest waders.

I have finally gotten a chance to start work on the bridge, another focal and viewing point for the pond.  It’s full of some interesting angles and will make me scratch my head a bit to get the job done right.

The  most important step happened today as I completed the electrical hookups that allowed me to start the pump for the stream.  With the pump going I can finally set a time to get the fish.  There will be lots of interest in this small space.

So despite the rains I have had plenty of progress.  There are a few steps to go before the big day so I would like the rains to quit.  Rain or no rain, I’ll do my best to make progress.



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