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Rain, rain, rain!
May 22, 2011, 6:52 am
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The last three days have brought us one point nine inches of rain.  That gives us a total of three and a half inches for the last two weeks.  The big shot was last night when a real doozy of a thunder storm rolled through the area.  It was a real impressive light show along with wind and a bit of hail.  We did not get much hail, but there are reports of some real big hailstones in other areas.  The rain was good for those who have their crop in the ground but not so good for those only getting started planting.  Areas that have been too wet to plant or still under water are going to have to wait.

The wind was hard on our trees new leaves.  There are many leaves on the ground.  The trees have been struggling just to get started with the cold we have had until recently, now they will have to put on more new leaves.

Went shopping for more stuff for the pond area.  The rains had not reached right up to the house until last night so I was able to put in plants and stepping stones between the pond and the porch.  The stones are natural rock so they have a lot of natural differences to make them interesting.

Stepping stones

The plants that are close to the foundation are drought tolerant plants that will not mind when the gentle rains do not get to them.  Thunders storms will still water them, so they will get some rain.

The sun made an appearance yesterday and gave us a brief bit of nice weather.  I took the opportunity to get on the roof and replace the ridge cap that had blown off in an earlier storm.  The old cap was nailed on, but when the wind got under them they went sailing away.  This time I used screws and fender washers.  That should keep them in place.

We still have some rain forecast for today but a nice week is in store.  The next chance of rain is Friday.  I sure hope those with crops to plant get a chance to get back in the field.



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