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Changing forecast
May 24, 2011, 7:31 am
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Anyone who keeps a real eye on the weather forecast know that weather prediction is still a chancy art.  What was forecast last week to happen today is totally different from what does happen way too often.  I have been watching the forecast for rain come and go lately  and have found that if the chance of rain goes down as the day approaches your chances of rain are not good.  On the other hand if the chance of rain increases as the day approaches you are going to get dumped on.

Two days ago the weather forecast was for a sunny week.  Today we have rain scheduled for several days.  I expect that we will get more rain to add to our soggy fields.

I decided that I had to mow the lawn yesterday.  The grass and weeds have been shooting up with the nice temperatures and all of this moisture.  Unfortunately parts of my lawn had water standing on them.  It made for some interesting mowing, and some muddy wheel tracks across the lawn.

So, today should be nice, but the weather for later this week calls for more wet.  Life can be so interesting sometimes.



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