Minnesota Farmer

Busy Busy

So it’s not been rain free around here, but it’s not been the best weather either.  A few little spits of rain just to keep things messy.  That does not mean that progress has stopped.

Beth has been home getting some last minute details done before the wedding.  Stuff like hair style, dinner plans and how much alcohol I be buying.  Those details include yard work.  Our dogwood hedge took a real beating the last two winters and had a lot of broken branches and dead wood in it.  That and a few other tree branches that had to go meant we had trailer loads of branches to haul out of the yard.  The trees and bushes look a lot better now.

I think we are mowing the grass every three days now, or whenever it’s not raining.  The dandelions need to be mowed more often.  Now that we can get closer to some trees and bushes, we have more grass to mow.  Parts of the lawn have water sitting on them, but the grass has to be kept down.  We’re working towards a perfect lawn here, which is something we’ll never obtain, but are working towards.

My repairs on the house meant I had to paint.  I’ve never gotten comfortable with a paint brush.  I know it’s not a perfect job, but it will do for now.  Paint brushes and ladders are now put away.  I hope I don’t discover any more rotting house parts any time soon.

I did take a little time to do some plumbing repair.  Why do these things always break when you are busy.

The garden had not yet become a mess but was threatening to become one.  I got the tiller going only to have a bearing go out on a belt tightener.  Another trip into town for repair parts.  Now if things dry out a bit I hope to get the sweet corn planted.  I need to get some tomatoes and pepper plants also.

Had three loads of road gravel delivered this week.  It’s crushed quartzite, red rock, from the quarry nearby.  It makes a real good, hard road bed.  Had to do a little leveling and spreading to get it all to where I wanted it.  Now we’ll drive on it this summer and by winter it should be well set in place.

The block for the landscaping was delivered this week.  I found out Masters Stone did not have removal of some old landscape materials in the bid.  That meant removing, and finding a place to put, all of the old blocks that were already there.  Some of the blocks were glued together and had to be broken apart, others were mostly buried in the ground and needed to be dug out.  It was a bit more work for me, but what else was I going to do anyway?

There have been door squeeks to oil and stuff to put away, meals to eat and a bit of sleep.  When the wedding is over then I can sleep.



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