Minnesota Farmer

The veggie garden

My veggie garden has been a bit slow getting started this year.  With all of the rain and cold it’s been hard to get anything planted.  Then there is field work and the preparations for the wedding and time for a veggie garden can be at a premium.

I always plant carrots, radishes, spinach and leaf lettuce early.  I plant the carrots and radishes in the same row.  The radishes are up early and fast so you can harvest them first, and thin the carrots at the same time.  When the radishes are done the slower growing carrots are well set.  So far the radishes are nearing harvest, the spinach and lettuce are small but looking good and the carrots are just peeking out.

Potatoes were planted late this year.  Some are up and well started while others are just peeking their first leaves out.

I would have liked to have my sweet corn planted now but things have been a bit wet.  If I can get a few more dry days I’m going to try to get it in the ground.

I picked up my tomato and pepper plants today and decided to plant them.  The ground was very wet.  Working the ground this wet can make for some badly compacted soil in clay based ground like mine.  I’m hoping I got good enough soil contact to my plants without compressing the soil too hard for the roots.  No need to water them.

I had a few spots in the lawn where I needed to plant some grass.  Trying to get any soil to cover even these small seeds was tough.  Some areas were so wet and hard all I could hope to accomplish was poke wholes in the ground.  I’m hoping the forecast rains will get them started.

There is a lot of time left in the garden for this year.  Maybe with some dryer weather I can get a few more things planted.  Either way, gardening, like my field work, is turning out to be very interesting this year.



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