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May 31, 2011
May 31, 2011, 11:07 pm
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The rain gauge had another half inch in it this morning.  That brings us to five and a half inches for the month, most of it in the last two weeks.  We have not been able to do any field work since the 19th.

Water in field

Some fields have puddles in them again.  Not as big as earlier, still when your field has been planted it is discouraging to see your field under water.  There are many fields with farm equipment still in them waiting for the fields to dry.

The corn has been growing well.  The warm days have helped it put on some new leaves.

Soybeans emerge

Our soybeans are now peeking out of the ground.  It is encouraging to see another sign that you may get a return out of your work.

Visions of the dust bowl

The high winds of the last few days have not been real helpful.  Especially when you see dust clouds rising out of fields.  Some light ground has started to blow and the chance of sandblasting those young plants out of existence is not something you want to consider.  The blowing soils are promoted by beating rains creating a fine layer of small soil particles on the soil surface.

Farmers that have soil prone to blowing need to manage their fields to keep more of last years crop residue on the surface.  Tree rows can also help to slow the wind.  If the lighter soils are worked too much or kept too flat soil can blow.  A rough soil surface with plant materials on the surface will help stop water and wind erosion.

It’s been a challenging  month here in south west Minnesota.  Hope is still there for a good crop, we’ll have to see what the rest of the growing season brings.



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Michael, I did’nt know you were a blogger. I love the pictures. I am praying for warmth and dry conditions for all our farmers.


Comment by Todd Nelsen

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