Minnesota Farmer

June 17, 2011 crop conditions


The warmth of summer has helped crops develop quickly.  All would be well if the exceptionally wet weather was not keeping us from some needed field work.  We need to add some nitrogen to the corn, and the weeds need to be sprayed in the soybean fields.

On Tuesday we got 3 inches of rain.  Some area fields got as much as 7 inches.  Area rivers have risen 2 to 3 feet and many low areas still have water standing in them.

Just a little water still standing between the rows

Most of our fields have dried out now but some area farms have lots of water still in the low spots.

Water is receding.

This bean field near my dad’s was planted only days before the rain.  You can see that the water was much higher.  Also evident are the corn stalks from last years crop that floated up and moved to the down wind side of the pond.  It is likely that these beans will have to be replanted to have a chance at getting a crop.  Some area low spots have already been planted twice and are now under water again.

Our last planted corn field and the first planted soybeans stand side by side.  We were able to get a pre-emergence herbicide applied on the corn but not the beans.  The weed pressure in the corn is low because of that, but the weeds are really starting to take over the bean field.

Planted Saturday, June 4

The above and below photos shows the difference that a few days can make when the weather conditions are good.  Soybeans planted 2 days apart have one more set of leaves forming on the earlier planted beans than the later planted ones.

Planted Monday, June 6

We hope we can dodge the rains for a few days to get the crop work done.  The weather report is still wet so the next few days could be busy if rain does not fall.  Either way the soil has enough water for a few weeks.  The challenge is to get in when conditions are right.



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