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Side dressing
June 18, 2011, 8:37 pm
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I remember a cartoon in a farm magazine many years ago.  It showed a young boy standing in a corn field putting clothing on a corn stalk.  He was side dressing the corn.

Today we started side dressing nitrogen on our corn.  The ground is finally dry enough to get through some of our fields.  I prefer to add nitrogen to our corn several times in the course of the year.  Some nitrogen is put on in the fall, some is added with the pre-emergence weed killer after planting, but most of it is applied when the corn is between one and two feet high.  This means that the nitrogen is added closest to when it is to be used by the plant.

We are lucky enough that the weed control chemical we put down did a great job.  It will save me a trip across later on.  In this wet year that is very important.

I was pleased to see that some of the corn is approaching knee high.  With over two weeks to go before the fourth of July there is hope that corn will be at a near normal growth stage for the year.

There is still too much chance of rain in the forecast.  We need some drying days to get the crop work done.  There are parts of fields that are too wet to get a tractor through, and many more that are just barely passable.  For now I’ll be trying to get the nitrogen on my corn before it gets too tall.  Dry weather will help greatly.



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