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June is over
July 1, 2011, 9:03 pm
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June is now over and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s been a difficult month here on the farm.  Over six inches rain made field work difficult.  We struggled to get our crops planted in May, but the last of the beans were not planted until early June.  When the rains came, the weeds went nuts.  Because of the rain we couldn’t get in to the field to control them.  Luckily we put down a pre-emerge chemical that controlled most of the weeds in the corn, but the bean fields are in real need of attention.

Most of our corn is looking good despite all of the rain.  Some of it is over three feet high now.

Although most of the puddles have dried up, sometimes you can still find water in places you least expect it.

There are all to many places where the corn is yellow and short.  They can show up anywhere that water could not get away.  We still have spots that can surprise you.  Places where drainage tile has problems or there is not enough tile to get rid of all of the water we had.

One of the first things we had to do when things dried up was get the last of the nitrogen on.  Corn is about to really grow and it needs it’s nitrogen now.

We’re using liquid nitrogen to give the boost our corn needs.  A disk cuts a slot and the nitrogen is forced under pressure into the slot.

Now that the nitrogen is on we’ve done some cultivating in the corn on corn field.  That job can be done even when the wind is blowing.  It does not get all of the weeds, but it helps get one thing we cannot get with chemicals, the volunteer corn we didn’t get harvested last year and is now growing.

Now that the wind has gone down I’ve been able to spray for weeds in the bean fields.  Unfortunately the AC is out in that tractor.  When you step out of the cab and 95 degrees with high humidity feels good you know it’s hot in there.  A few more days with out much rain and we’ll have the weeds back under control.

Hopefully we’ll get just enough rain to keep us going, and enough sun also.



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Driving through southwestern Minnesota on Saturday and Sunday, I certainly noticed how behind the corn crop is specifically due to all the rain. Some sections of fields are also unplanted. Corn is much shorter than it should be. And lots of ponding remains in low-lying areas, or other sections of fields where you wouldn’t expect water. I feel for you farmers and all you’ve had to face already this planting season.

Comment by Minnesota Prairie Roots

We’re in a garden spot here. Very little damage due to wind or water and the crops got in on time. Now the weather has turned perfect for the corn. I hope it stays that way.

Comment by Michael

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