Minnesota Farmer

Blooming Pond
Our new pond has continued to be a source of delight. 

July 10, 2011 pond

Many of the plants I put in or around the pond have started to bloom lately.  Some I remember the name of, some I cannot.  Those that I don’t remember for sure are not appearing in any online listing, so you will have to help me guess their names.

Our water lilies are now in bloom.  These are part of the same ones we have in the front pond.  I just broke off a part of the root mass and transplanted it to this pond.  Since the water is deeper and colder it took a while longer to bloom here, but is worth the wait.  The koi will usually hang out near this plant.

This, I think, is a marsh daisy.  It’s planted with about 2 inches of water over the pot.  To get the right depth I set the pot, actually more like a basket, on top of a rock.  The yellow flower just emerged today.

This pond side planter contains bogwort.  It likes its roots wet, but the crown of the plant above water.  The plant on the right started blooming two days ago, the one on the left should be in bloom tomorrow.  This planter is sitting on an underwater shelf with a few rocks on it to get the depth right.

Growing between the rocks by our bench is creeping thyme.  It’s not a big plant, but ideally suited for an area that will get walked on.  You can see that neither the plants, nor the flowers are very big.

I have four different varieties of this succulent, each a different color.  They are planted next to the house where it doesn’t get much rain because the roof overhang.  They bloom when they get a little rain, but don’t mind being dry.

This hen and chicks has an unusual flower.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.

We.ve added a bit of patriotic bunting to the porch wall.  The porch has an old time look already so bunting just helps set it off.

I’ve also added some low voltage lights to light up the stairs.  You see them as a black circle just under the railing.  They don’t show up much during the day, but at night they light up the area quite nicely.

I need to get the screens and screen doors on before summer is over and a railing for the step area.  I’ll find a few other things that I need to do before this is all over I’m sure, but for now we’re enjoying our porch and the pond in bloom.


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