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July 11, 2011, 4:03 pm
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7/11/11, Isn’t that interesting.

We’re in the process of cleaning out our last corn bin.  Most of the corn went into the bin last fall with out being dried, which is unusual in Southwestern Minnesota.  We’ve had little trouble in the bins since we froze the corn down for the winter and then slowly warmed it up for the summer.  The humid air this year may have given us a few problems.  One bin was on the verge of spoiling when we started taking it out.  The top was very hot and the whole bin was still above 16% moisture.  That was a close one.  Otherwise we’ve escaped with only some mild mold problems.  Those mold spots rub off when we auger the corn into the truck and cause no problems down the line.

While I was waiting for the truck to load I wandered out into the corn field to find that some of the corn is topping 7 feet in height.  We still have some shorter corn where there were water problems, but much of the field is doing quite well indeed.  I did a little snooping by unrolling the top leaf whorl and found that the tassel is nearly out on the tallest corn.  That means that at least some of our corn is on its way to a good yield.  We’ll see how much of the corn can get its tassel out this week.  Continued warm and wet weather will keep that corn plant growing fast.

Thunderstorms that rolled through the area gave us only rain.  Where the most rain fell we have puddles again.  Being a thunderstorm, those areas are spotty.  The high winds did some damage also.  Flattened fields and tree branches down are minor problems compared to farm sites with building damage.  We’ve escaped the really bad stuff so far.  The summer growing season is always exciting.



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