Minnesota Farmer

Rain again

This is the third morning in a row we’ve had rain.  The other two were thunderstorms with wind, lightening and sheets of rain.  This morning it is a gentle rain.  I really prefer the gentle kind of rain.

Driving around the area I can see places where the field ponds are back again.  It’s got to be frustrating when you have already replanted twice to have the crop drowned out again.  One neighbor has a pond that has never gone away.  There is a lot of tile that goes through his farm and his is the lowest and thus the last field to drain.

My garden weeds are starting to get ahead of me.  I do pull some when I am out to harvest, but the wet means I cannot use the tiller in the more open areas.  I never did get the potatoes hilled, and the sweet corn may be nearing it’s last possible days of tilling also.  I plant my pumpkins and other vine crops in the corn to discourage the raccoons.  Raccoons don’t like the sticky vines all over the place.  It can make harvest interesting, but so far no raccoons for 30 years.

The peas are in full production now.  I’ll not have enough to freeze, but fresh peas are a great part of eating at this time of year.

My potatoes have been blooming for a while now.  Usually there are some new potatoes available to steal when they are in bloom.  I’ve not taken any, but I have seen some really nice ones while I’m pulling weeds.

With this rain I’m sure we will be getting a new flush of weeds.  That means one more trip through the bean fields with the sprayer before they close in the row, and another trip with the garden tiller in the garden.  Lots of work, but so worth while.



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