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Farm pets
July 15, 2011, 7:23 am
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For non farmers pets are a member of the family.  Some consider them children and treat them as such.  Farmers have an interesting relationship with their farm animals.  Consider….

Farm cats can be a real comfort when you have a chance to sit down and they snuggle up to you.  They are wonderful with children, with life lessons at so many stages of their life.  Cats keep vermin on the move.  But to me a cat can never be a dear friend.  You can say you own a cat, but they really own you and stay at their pleasure.  I’ve never known a cat that was truly domesticated.  They stay for the easy food, but when other urges lead them to wonder, they seldom come back.  Cats on our farm are transients, coming into our lives for a while, then leaving before they can make too big of a space.

Dogs on the other hand are more than a friend.  Dogs live to please.  Dogs are helpful.  Dogs will fill your heart and stay their whole extended life.  I have enjoyed the company of many dogs when I lived at my parents home, but none where I live now.  You see, I think dogs belong out doors, and we live too close to a major highway.  Dogs need the space and freedom to run and I never have seen a dog in a kennel or at the end of a chain that I did not feel sorry for.

I’ve buried more than my share of cats and kittens, but only one dog.  I’d like to keep it that way.



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