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It’s so hot
July 17, 2011, 9:15 pm
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How hot is it?

This is an unusually hot week.   Temperatures have been in the upper 80’s to upper 90’s for several days now and will continue that way for over a week.  There is so much water in the air that sweating does no good.  Sweat just runs off.  There is barely a breath of wind, so there is nothing to carry sweat away.  The “feels like” index is over 100 and will continue that way.  This is some tough weather on people and livestock.

There have been reports of people without AC passing out and getting sick.  This weather is not something to fool around with.  If you do not have AC find a library or other public building to hang out in.  Visit the grocers freezer section.  Go to the mall.  Drink lots of water, not soda, and if you get really hot, pour some of that water over your head.  Spend the day in the pool or lake.

People have been saying this weather is good for the corn, well not really.  Corn needs some time to cool off too.  For corn it’s kind of like breathing.  Breathe in all day in the sunshine, but the heat at night does not allow the corn to exhale.  Corn needs the night to get around 70 or so, so that it can exhale.

Our corn fields are starting to tassel.  This is the time that the corn crop is made.  Days in the 80’s, nights in the 60’s, plenty of moisture, that’s what corn needs now.  We shall see how all of this heat and humidity work out when we harvest.  This is prime time for corn.


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