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End of July in my garden
July 26, 2011, 10:04 pm
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With all of the field work to do you would think I would not have time to keep up a garden.  Since I really like that fresh from the garden taste, I make time.  This year with all of the rain it has been a real challenge to do any gardening.  The weeds have tried to get ahead of me several times, and in some places they are winning.  Despite all of that there have been some really great tastes coming out of the garden this week.

I finally gave up and plowed under the leaf lettuce.  It was going to seed and the leaves are just not as tasty once they do.

My peas have been going gang busters.  I have had more peas this year than I have had for many a year.  Picking and shelling peas daily has taken some time, and gets forgotten once in a while, but come winter will be well appreciated.

I never did get my potatoes hilled up.  The weeds are trying very hard to take over because of that, but the potatoes are really looking good.  I have not yet sampled them, but I could take a few any time now.  Two weeks ago we discovered some potatoes in the basement that had not been eaten,  They had long sprouts sticking out of the bag.  I dug a trench and spread them in.  We now have some new potatoes coming up.  We’ll see how they do.

I’ve trained my tomatoes up onto a fence for several years now and really like it.  Some of the vines are over 5 feet long now and stretching above the fence.  Although I have not yet harvested any, there are some that are starting to turn color.  I have 5 different varieties climbing that fence so it will be interesting to see which ones are ready to pick first.  Having the tomatoes off the ground makes them much easier to pick.  Training the vines onto the fence can require almost daily attention when they grow as fast as they have this year.  With new flowers all the way to the top we have the potential for a great crop.

The peppers have also been doing well.  Last year was a real disaster with only a few medium sized peppers to harvest.  Today I pick two huge bell peppers, and I have been picking banana peppers for over a week.  There should be some red and yellow bells later on, but for now this is great.

There have been a few berries in the raspberry patch.  This year the weeds got through the mulch and took over.  I’m going to have to destroy the whole patch to get ahead of the weeds.  The quack grass is incredible and really hard to control without hurting the raspberries.

The sweet corn is starting to produce ears.  I expect to be eating my own sweet corn next week.

That’s the garden report for now.  I predict some real good eating ahead, and enough to give produce away.



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