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Slowing down? Not likely!
August 5, 2011, 8:32 am
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The summer is drawing to an end.  You would think that things would slow down on the farm.  For most farm folks that is not an option.

Yes, some crop farmers have less to do now, but livestock farmers still have plenty to do.  There’s hay to bale and fences to fix.  The heat is adding extra stress to animals and their caregivers.  Those who plant sweet corn or peas have been harvesting for some time now. I’m waiting for some cooler weather to cut up some dead trees and in the way branches.  Spring/summer use machines are being put away and fall use machines are being tuned up.  The work is rarely done.

I just checked my calendar and found I do not have a free night for a week, there is some meeting I should be at every night.  We have an insurance meeting later this morning.  We’re planning a small party on Sunday, so there are clean up items to take care of.  Throw in a funeral and you have a full week.

Farmfest was just held at Morton, MN.  Many farmers attended and some of us volunteered to work at some display or activity.  It’s county fair time in many communities and that brings extra work and excitement to many families.  The Minnesota State Fair and Clay County Fair will draw many folks to participate.  School starts this month adding extra preparation for teachers, bus drivers and students.

My bride has a list of “to do” projects for me and I only have one done.  I have a couple of projects on my list too.  We’re in the planning stages for another room remodel.  My son wants help with a house addition and that will take a few days.  As long as it stays wet, I’ll be mowing the lawn twice a week.  The weeds continue to grow in the garden, and produce is being harvested.

Yep, there’s plenty to do.  So if you do not hear from me for a while don’t worry, I’ll be back when things slow down, if they slow down.



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