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School time
August 23, 2011, 9:35 am
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The summer is drawing to a close and many kids are back in school.  My daughter has been teaching at her school for most of the month.  School started here this week.  I hear the lament “Where has the summer gone?”  I’m here to tell you that summer is still here and will be until September 23.

School for many signals the end of summer.  The end of vacation and a slower pace we all look forward too, at least if there are school age children or teachers in the house.  I think we are giving our children a false message when we lament the end of summer.  We make it seem as if school was not a good thing.

A friend of mine was lamenting that he had to cover the spot of one of our youth who got a job and then quit after one day.  The fact is that school, like work demands our time and attention.  Quiting is not an option if you plan to make something of yourself.  There are too many “summer people” in this world, and not enough fall, winter and spring people.

When I pick up the younger children in my school bus I see the excitement in their eyes.  They are getting to be with friends and learn new things.  The world is exciting, new and full of adventure.  We need to somehow keep that new and exciting feeling in our lives.  We need a school time attitude, not a vacation attitude.

When you travel to other countries you see how easy we have it here.  We in America seem to live in a summertime attitude.  We vacation and play so much, we have so much, even our poor people have so much more than the poor in other countries.

If we want our country to remain great we need to get back into that start of school time attitude where we are always busy and always learning.  We need an attitude of the start, not of the end.  The next time I hear the lament that the summer is over, I’m likely to reply that is a good thing.  America and her people need to end their summertime attitude.  It’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.  This is the end of summer, it’s an exciting time.


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This is an interesting way to view the “end of summer” lament. An excellent post with excellent advice.

Comment by Minnesota Prairie Roots

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