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I’ve looked at rain from both sides now
August 25, 2011, 5:07 pm
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I was out in my garden digging potatoes today and found the ground to be dry and hard six inches down.  We’ve had no measurable rain for over a month after a spring and early summer when the rain would not quit.  The weather sure is variable here.

Earlier this year when the wetter weather stayed north of us and allowed us to get our crop in on time I was blessing the rainfall path.  Now the rains continue to move down the Minnesota river valley, and we get nothing.  This could be interesting for crop development.

Corn kernels are set, we had good pollination weather and moisture when we needed it, but the depth of the kernels is set by how much water the plant can get now.  On the sandier soils some of our corn has already shut down.  What is on the ear is all that we will get.  Those corn kernels will be small and light in weight.

The soybean plants may not set any more pods without rain.  The plants will try to produce the best seeds it can with what it has now.  Any moisture in the near future will help the soybeans set new pods.  I’ve seen an early September rain cause a new set of pods after dry weather.

From too much rain to too little in one year.  This sure has been an interesting year.



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