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Late summer pond notes
September 18, 2011, 1:04 pm
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Although some areas near by were affected by the early frost this past week, our ponds remain healthy and blooming.  The Sedum is in full bloom and a few other flowers continue to bloom near the pond daily.  I was surprised to see the Blackie with a pale purple flower hidden in the leaves one day.  Sorry, I missed taking a photo of it.

The baby Koi continue to grow.

Trying to get a picture of them in the water is a challenge.  Most of them are just darker spots against the sand bottom.  A few have already become colorful, but most are a dark grey to black in color.

It is obvious that we had two hatches since they are of two different sizes.  Even the large adults are hard to see in these pictures, so finding the young ones is really a challenge.

Most of the time the baby Koi hang out under the plants, but when I feed them they will come to the surface to grab a chunk.  They have a tough time getting the big pieces of food in their mouth, but they try.  Mostly they work the bits of algae off of the rocks and floor of the pond for food.

There are still a few frogs around the pond but the weather has been cool and they don’t come out much.  I think the cats have been lunching on them.

The Hyacinth are not growing so well in the cooler water of the big Koi pond, but are still thriving in the smaller Goldfish pond.  Most of the water plants are slowing down and could use some warmer days.

We only got a few blooms on the water lilly in the Koi pond this year, but  rarely missed a day in the Goldfish pond.  There is one there yet today.  The water lilies seem to prefer to be open when the sun hits them and close up when they are in shade.

I’ve not seen a sign of the turtles since the hatch.  I don’t even know if any survived.  The old nest was cleaned out by some creature just last week.

There’s the pond news for the week, come by and see them for yourself some time.



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