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September 28, 2011, 8:08 pm
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Some changes happened at my house today, can you see it?

The two spruce trees that have been in front of our house for at least 75 years are gone.  It’s a big change.

We really had enjoyed those trees, it’s just that lately they have been losing more needles than they have been producing.  They just had to go.

Count the rings

It was interesting to count the rings and see the record of the good years and the bad years the tree had survived.

I got home from my school bus route and the first tree was already gone, and they were notching the second one in preparation for dropping it.  It came down exactly where it was supposed to.

The crew cut off and shredded the branches, cut the trunk up into manageable lengths, and piled the logs for me to process later.

They ground up the stump, leaving only a small hole for me to fill later.

My wood pile which was large before is huge now.  I could have enough wood for two years out there now.

I do love a large wood pile with the prospect of a cold winter ahead.



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Several years ago we had a tree removed from in front of our house. It needed to go, too. I felt so exposed, especially since we live along one of the busiest streets in Faribault. Now I’ve adjusted.

In time, I expect you will, too.

Comment by Minnesota Prairie Roots

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