Minnesota Farmer

2011 soybean harvest is done

For my dad and I the 2011 soybean harvest is finished.  I spent most of the last 5 days looking down the rows of soybeans.  Dad spent the last few days driving and unloading trucks.

Actually I rarely looked this high, my eyes were usually down where the action was, down on the sickle making sure the beans were feeding into the machine properly.  Then if something went wrong it had to be fixed.

Yeah, I did this a few times.  Once in a while something would get into the sickle that could not be cut.  Something would have to give, and it was usually the bolts that held a sickle section on the bar.  Then it’s get out and replace it.  Hammer out the old bolts, insert a new section, tighten the bolts, put away the tools and off we go again.

Keeping windows clean enough to see out of was a job.  The dust from the plants stuck to everything.  The windows got washed down at least twice a day.  Dust covered everything unless the wind was blowing enough to move it off.  Blowing dust at times can make it hard to see what you are doing, especially just before sundown.  I’m glad I have A/C in the cab, but dust still got in somehow.

I didn’t stop for much once I got going.  My lunch bag was there beside me.  Every morning I put in two sandwiches, some small yellow tomatoes, two quarts of ice water and some fruit.  There was already a can of peanuts in the cab.  That kept me going until I decided to quit for the day.

For us, this years harvest was only average.  The bean plants were dry so they threshed out well, and the soybeans themselves were a little on the dry side.

So tomorrow it’s clean up the combine and get ready for the corn harvest.  Still plenty to do.



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