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Shifting gears
October 5, 2011, 5:48 am
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So now we have switched from soybean to corn harvest.  As with the beans the corn has dried down much more than we expected.  In fact I cannot remember ever starting harvest with the corn moisture so low.  Our first load into town was below 15% moisture.  There will be no drying costs this year.

There is an added challenge with dry corn.  The ears do not like to hang onto the stalk when it gets dry.  Now we will be trying to get what is on the stalk into the combine and then the bins.  We do not need high winds now to rattle around the corn stalks and shake the ears of corn off.  Unfortunately that is the forecast, several days of winds over 25 mph.  It’s always one challenge or another.

The yields so far look good, perhaps even better than last year, we shall see how this all shakes out.  It really makes for a speeded up harvest.

Since most of the field we were in yesterday was going onto town, we shut down a bit early.  I’m used to working well into the night with the combine, but since POET closed it’s doors at 7:30 we stopped hauling loads early, filled the trucks and called it a night.

Well, sun’s coming up, I’m off.



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