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When will it rain
November 1, 2011, 10:16 am
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My area of Minnesota has been without rain for over 90 days now.  This in an area that averages about half an inch a week.  Well, we’ve had a few sprinkles, but nothing that amounted to anything.  Lucky it came at the end of the growing season, if the drought had come earlier it would have been a disaster.

The dry has effected fall tillage.  When you try to turn over the soil you get huge lumps.  These lumps are not easy to break up.  There have been reports of broken machinery from trying to break up the soil.  I watched a neighbor try to get his subsoiler into the ground.  When it went in it worked well, when it did not it just skidded on top of the ground.

I took the ATV out into the field.  It was a really wild ride bumping over all of those hard chunks.  I even got hung up once when some hard dirt got under the center of the machine.  It took a little pushing around to get it off of the lump.

I planted a few trees yesterday.  The ground came up in large chunks.  It took a lot of water to soften the dirt up enough to refill the hole.

I’ve been watching the river on my morning bus trips.  This spring it was over the banks from the rain of last fall and this spring.  Now it is mostly mud and sand bars.  There are ponds that border the river that are dry now.  I watched the herons and crows clean up the fish that didn’t get out in time.

We do have a chance of rain this week, but when you dig into the facts, it looks like another little teaser with just enough to get the bottom of the rain gauge wet.  It will be interesting to see if this will continue into winter.  I let you know when the weather breaks.



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