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November 8, 2011, 4:39 pm
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With all of the cold we’ve had lately most trees have been shedding their leaves quite quickly.  The lack of rain has meant that the leaves have remained dry and light in weight.  Some trees, like the catalpa shed their leaves mostly in one day, its large leaves dropping like rain as the frost went out one morning.  Many leaves in our area blew off in the wind and made piles in sheltered areas, or blew into the water.  A few leaves are still hanging in there.  Here’s a few pictures for you.

Only a few leaves remain on this maple.  The leaves have been turning from red and gold to brown as they wave goodbye to fall.

While most of the leaves are gone from our trees, this maple has hung on to its leaves.  Oak also are waiting to shed their summer glory as their now brown leaves cling to the branches.  Locust have compound leaves, and so may shed a leaflet or two before the whole leaf drops.

The pond has been a leaf magnet.  Leaves hit the water and stop.  I have scooped wheel barrows of leaves out and still the water is brown with leaves.  It’s a wonder that the fish can swim in it sometimes.  The leaves dam up our little creek and cause the water to run places I do not want it to go.

As the temperatures cool we will lose more of the leaves, a little at a time, as each leaf lets go of its summer hang out and drifts to the ground.  It has really been a colorful autumn here in Southwestern Minnesota.  Perhaps one of the most colorful I have ever seen.  Just 44 more days to winter.



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