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Cold, but no snow
November 28, 2011, 11:04 am
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The weather services are reminding us of how much snow we had in past years at this time.  No snow so far is OK with me.  This being Minnesota the snow will come, just as the cold is starting to take hold of the area.  Cold does not make it winter for many of us, snow does.

Memories of winter for a Minnesotan always include snow.  There are the large snowdrifts that bordered roads and overtopped fences, cars buried beneath snow and slipping down the road in a flurry of blown snow, snowmobiles, skis, and skates, these make winter.  Braving raging winds and blowing snow to get to grandma’s house for Christmas are memories that will live forever.  When snow does not fall, we talk of how short the winter seems.  When driving is not a challenge, we relive the trips that most challenged us, the near accidents and fender-benders because of snow covered roads.

I’ll take these snowless days.  I’m hoping for a brown Christmas.  The work load is less with no snow.  Yes, a white Christmas looks nice, but it sure is a lot of extra work.



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HI Michael, I thank you for your visit to my blog and would very much appreciate you continuing to read the entries I put there on agriculture. I thank you for your critique. I recognize that North American farmers are the most productive in the world and that they are using less herbicide and pesticides than ever. That is not the case in countries elsewhere. But I would appreciate learning much more from you as I write these pieces. My intention is to become a little bit more knowledgeable as I do my research.

Once again, thanks. And I hope you have a brown Christmas.

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