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Crazy Minnesota weather
December 14, 2011, 10:18 am
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Last night the temperatures did not dip below freezing.  Today it’s raining.  The ice fishing season is in trouble.  Is this Minnesota?

We’ve had some crazy weather this month.  I’m beginning to wonder if I still live in Minnesota.  Last week was more normal.  We had bone chilling cold, days that did not even get above single digits and a harsh north wind.  Lake ice froze down to decent levels and fishermen started moving out onto the ice.  This is what I expect from a Minnesota December.  Today is just not right.

We do occasionally get this crazy weather here, just not too often.  The weather forecasters are looking back to the 1960’s for similar temperatures.  I remember the mid 1970’s when farm folks in my area planted wheat and oats in January because of the warmth.  We do need the moisture, and I’d rather have it in the form of rain than snow, but I’m not used to it in the middle of December.

So what do we have to look forward too?  The next two days will to be more normal, with north winds and temperatures never getting above freezing, then it changes.  We are supposed to get back to warm days for the weekend.  Weather forecasters are talking of a blocking jet stream that is keeping cold weather north of us.  I’ll be watching with anticipation, Why?

This weather started to change on about the 10th of the month.  What is so significant about that?  December tenth was full moon.  We could see this weather hold on until the next full moon!  I know many of you are still skeptics, but I have seen weather patterns do this so many times before.  When weather makes a major change at full moon, it holds that pattern for at least three weeks.  I like the idea.



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