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The Santa hat
December 16, 2011, 4:13 pm
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For years now I have been wearing a Santa hat on my morning bus route in December.  It gets me in the holiday spirit, and it’s warm.  Oh, and yes, I do quit shaving for a few weeks, the white beard is a good seasonal complement to the hat.  Although the kids on the bus may look at me a little funny when they first see me in it, I get few comments from them on it except a few “Hi Santa”s from them the first time they see me.  The effect on the adults has been much more interesting.

The hat is a conversation starter.  Usually the conversation comes around to the fact that I wear the hat for the school bus route, and then the stories start.

I also get comments from others about how they could not drive a school bus, and questions about how kids behave.  Stories of out of control kids on the bus are often told to me, as are other stories that involve school and bus trips.  I have a few stories, no names included to protect the guilty, but very few stories that I tell.  After 17 years of driving school bus, I can tell you that most kids today are really good.  I tell everyone that I have good parents for my route.  That may be the most telling remark about kids.

I understand that kids will be kids.  They all need to learn, some just take longer to learn.  Younger children need to be told the rules more often, and older ones will usually keep out of trouble if they are allowed to.  Mistakes will be made, and kids do learn from mistakes.  Parents are my biggest help.  Stopping and talking to parents when the kids are present really cuts down on problems.  If a phone call must be made when a problem arises, so be it.

A school bus ride should be safe and fun.  The Santa hat is part of the fun.



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