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Caps and gloves
December 19, 2011, 9:25 am
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My bus has started to develop a mini lost and found.  So far I have 2 stocking caps, a small tan glove and a ram headband.  That is just from the last two weeks.  I know the pile will get higher, winter has only begun.  And despite my keeping the pile right by the door where they can see it both going in and out, no one will ever claim these items.

As the weather changes again to warm, or cold, we will get coats and boots added to the pile.  At anytime of the year we can get book bags, lunch bags, note pads, art projects and occasionally a cell phone.   All of them in good shape, none of them labeled.

When children get to school with out their outdoor gear, they will miss out door play time.  No boots, no coat, no hat and gloves, you stay inside and look at the walls.

It is understandable that some of these little people will forget where they left their things.  They have so much to keep track of.  What bothers me is that the parents do not think to get a laundry marker and add a name inside.  It really would help get the stuff back.

So what becomes of these items of lost clothing?  They end up in a box at the bus barn waiting for parents to claim them.  It is really rare that anyone comes looking.  Eventually they will be donated to Good Will.  Is your child missing something, check at school, or in their bus.  Oh, and please don’t leave empty handed.  There must be something in that pile your child can use.


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