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Christmas with granddaughters
December 25, 2011, 2:16 pm
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This Christmas has been a new experience for us.  This was first year as grandparents.  Not only are we grandparents, we have twin girls for granddaughters.  No fighting, both grandma and grandpa got one to hold.

Allison and Katelynn arrived three months ago, as most multiples they were a little on the small order.  At about four pounds they were small.  That meant a bit more time in the hospital, but soon they were home.  Oh yes, they are identical, but so far there are a few difference that can help a parent tell them apart.

Now they have doubled in weight and are growing well.  They are indeed beautiful babies.  But for such little ones they sure do disrupt a schedule.  They still need to be fed and changed at least every four hours.  It sure is a good thing that their parents are young, because I could not get by on such a disrupted schedule.

They have been the center of all the pictures taken this holiday season.  I know I have not taken so many pictures in a long time.  There are pictures with aunties and pictures with uncles, we take pictures with mom and dad and pictures with grand parents and great grand parents.  They even have had a few taken with just the two of them.

They are the cutest things in their Christmas finery, and are they not so well decked out in those bibs?

If you see a crowd around, it is for sure that there are babies in the middle of that crowd.

So what ever you got for Christmas, we had the best gifts…

we had granddaughters sleeping under our tree.



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