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What did I say (about Christmas gifts)
December 25, 2011, 10:19 pm
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What did I say?  I would get shirts for Christmas.  Yep, got 4 of them.  Actually they are decent, I might even have picked them out.  There’s a plain Woolrich shirt, a maroon stripped shirt, and TWO tees.  They do know me.

I do like tees, especially when they something about a place I like to visit, or something I enjoy doing.  These tees are me.

Don’t get this one?  Kukui should help, it’s Hawaiian.  Actually it’s the name of the high school that Steve McGarret of “Hawaii 5-0” went to, thus the 50.  Yes, this one came from my daughter in Hawaii.

Do I need to say anymore?  It’s true!  Yep, these I’ll wear.

Yes, I got food, and DVD’s, top pick, a Red Green Six Pack.  Six DVD’s of the Red Green show.  20 hours of old guy humor.  Old Guys Rule!



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That Old Guys Rule tee would be perfect for my husband, an automotive machinist.

BTW, he feels the same about clothes as you and got jeans and a sweatshirt for Christmas.

Likewise, when he needs something, he buys it. No sense waiting until Christmas or his birthday or Father’s Day.

Comment by Minnesota Prairie Roots

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