Minnesota Farmer

Simple man

I recently heard reports of the tweets of discontent this holiday season.  People were tweeting each other about what they didn’t get for Christmas, or of the things they did get that were not right.  I have also heard reports of how much parents are spending on children for Christmas presents, I am shocked.  Why do we spend so much?  Why are we so discontented?  I don’t understand.

Now to be fair, I’ve never wanted for material things in my life.  True, I didn’t always have what I wanted, but I always had what I needed.  My parents, while not really rich had enough to live and travel well, we worked hard and always had what we really needed, and I was raised to appreciate what I had.  Because of that, my tastes are simple.  I’ve got a job, make that several jobs, that supply me with what money I need, a much better wife than I deserve, and three children who are now supporting themselves.  I consider that a success.  I have books to read, friends to visit with and a church and community that I enjoy, all things that I consider worth while.

When I hear people complain about not having the right smart phone, the right color whatever, the best food, I do not understand.  Perhaps because of my reading and travels, I know that we have it really nice with our good enough cars, phones and house.  I’ve seen and worked with so many that have so much less than I do, and are content.  I’ve visited with many who have so much more, and are less happy than I am.  I’ve learned that money does not bring happiness, but more worries.  I’ve learned that having things doesn’t bring contentment, but a desire to have more and better things.  I’ve learned that having just enough, is so nice.

Yep, I’m a simple man.  Yes, I enjoy good things, but get no more happiness out of eating a $50 meal than I do a $5 one.  My phone is just smart enough to allow me to answer calls where ever I happen to be, and survive the abuse I give it.  My home is rather medium in size for our area, nicely decorated and comfortably furnished.  I’ve got a bunch of books to read, and re read, a few movies and more than enough TV sets.  My wheels are not that old, but not that new either.  I live just well enough for me, thank you.

There is a song I am remembering about a simple man, it pretty well sums up my feelings about life.  You’ll have to update a few things for today, but it fits:  “I got a hump back mule, a plow and a tater patch, eggs that are gonna hatch someday, I got the Lord above and a good gal that loves me, I’m the richest man in the world.”



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