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It won’t last
December 30, 2011, 9:39 am
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It snowed last night, but look quick, it will not last.  Already the snow is dripping off of tree branches and the sun is barely up.

It’s December 30th and we’ve had very little snow here in southwestern Minnesota.  This is not normal.  We have temperatures in the 40’s and rain forecast for the upcoming New Years weekend.  Ice on Minnesota lakes is unpredictable and area anglers are losing vehicles and fish houses to thinning ice.  How did we get such un Minnesota weather this year?

The weather prognosticators are talking about North Atlantic and Mid-Pacific temperature changes, and how they affect the jet stream, it’s all just greek to me.  I do know that we have had some weather changes around here, and this winter weather is a whole new animal to me.

Looking back at this year’s weather, we started with some really nasty snow storms.  We had gone into 2011 with lots of water on the ground and snow continuing to fall.  Winter was long cold and snowy.  Spring brought more rain and trouble getting the crops in.  Then the rain stopped, and we have only had a few drops since then.  We are in the grips of a drought, and the lack of moisture is keeping the snow and the cold at bay.

Without moisture, we have no snow on the ground to reflect the sun’s rays.  This means that the earth is actually absorbing the sun’s heat and giving us weather more like the dryer high plains areas east of the Rocky Mountains.  There it will snow and then melt in a day or two.  Cold does not last when there is no snow to reflect the sun.

This weather will not last, after all we live in Minnesota the land reputed to have 6 months of winter and 6 months of tough sledding.  It will snow again, and we shall have winter.  Just when it will come, no one knows.



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Love the snow!! Have an amazing 2012 🙂 http://stayrefreshed.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/what-to-do-if-2012-really-is-our-last-year-on-earth/

Comment by Sam

Has winter finally arrived in Minnesota. We are still green here in Toronto on January 6. I just came back from a long walk with my dog wearing a windbreaker and hat. My crocuses are peaking through the composting leaves in my front garden. My perennial pansies are still in bloom. It certainly is weather of a different type and I don’t think anyone in my family minds at all.

Comment by lenrosen4

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