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The press release doesn’t tell it all.

So the press release said….

Farm Bureau Members Attend Promotion & Education Conference in Rochester

Nearly 100 county Farm Bureau members from Minnesota attended the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) Promotion and Education (P&E) Conference January 27-28 at the Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester, Minnesota.

Attendees toured Gar-Lin Dairy, Pork and Plants Greenhouse, White Water Winery, Hormel Institute, EDP Wind Farm LLC and the Spam Museum.

During the conference, they heard from featured presenters Laura Daniels from Wisconsin and Michael Swanson, senior vice president, agricultural economist and consultant of Wells Fargo.

In addition, they heard presentations on social media, estate planning, national policy update, media training, safety panel, consumer outreach, precision agriculture, risk management and make and take – hands on classroom activities.

Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation President Kevin Paap and Minnesota Corn Growers President John Mages also addressed conference participants.

The conference was sponsored by the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation P&E State Committee. The 2013 conference is scheduled for January 25-26, 2013 in Bloomington.

For more information about Minnesota Farm Bureau contact your local Farm Bureau office, log onto www.fbmn.org.


That is not the whole story.  In fact, that synopsis makes the whole event kind of boring.  The meetings were anything but boring.  Every year the Promotion and Education Committee spend a lot of time getting together some of the best speakers available.  They were funny, they were educational and they were all about important subjects.  The best part of the whole event may have been the opportunity to talk with others at the Conference about themselves.

Farmers have a bad habit of talking in numbers.  We do that to help understand each others farms.  The problem is that our customers, those who eat the food we produce, do not care about the numbers.  They want to know about us.  They want to know about our families and about how much we care.  Our customers want to know that we raise our families on the land because we feel it is the best for them.  They want to know that we treat our animals and our land like it should be, with care, understanding and respect.  We were challenged to not talk in numbers, but to talk about the things we hold most dear.

This years Promotion and Education Conference was a lot of fun, and very educational.  I’d be glad to tell you about it sometime.



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