Minnesota Farmer

Money Guzzlers

Why is it that while Americans are now using 8% less gasoline, gasoline prices are going up?  Who stands to profit by higher gasoline prices?  Big Oil that’s who.

Why is it that while American ethanol producers are producing ethanol at $1 per gallon less than gasoline, oil company blenders do not choose to buy ethanol to help hold the price of gasoline down?  We are currently shipping ethanol to other countries, including Brazil which used to be a net ethanol exporter.  Who stands to profit by using less ethanol and more gasoline? Big Oil that’s who.

I’m lucky to have a blender pump in my area so that I can buy 20%, 30% or even 50% ethanol if I choose to lower my price of transportation fuel.  Many areas have to search to find 85% ethanol, which is the most available alternative fuel.  I use 20% ethanol in my car whenever I fill up, no engine problems.  I’ve even used 30% ethanol for short periods with no problem.  E20 and E30 give you more power at less cost.

Tests by universities here in Minnesota show no adverse effects on automotive engines for using 20% ethanol blends.  NASCAR is has completed 1.5 million miles with no engine issues using 15% ethanol.  Despite all of this testing, Big Oil supporters are calling for more testing.  They do not want to miss out on one of your dollars making it to their pocket.

It’s time to tell the money guzzlers at Big Oil to back off.  They don’t need any more help from our government, they are already making record profits.

Reduce your consumption of gasoline, and increase you consumption of home-grown biofuels like ethanol.  Drive less.  Car pool or use pubic transport whenever possible.  Reduce your speed on the highway.  Do everything you can to cut gasoline usage.  Stop sending your money to Big Oil.


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