Minnesota Farmer

Broken Branches

The snow and freezing rain of the last two days have left a wonderland of ice covered trees.

Scenes such as this where snow is perched on top of ice-covered branches are really rare.

Trees such as this young birch that were flexible enough to bend but not break will weather the ice quite well.

This Colorado Spruce has lost its top and had its other branches are pushed down.  It will now be at a disadvantage in its search for sunlight.

Not all branches broke off cleanly.  This branch was twisted as it broke and is still hung up in the tree.  Since it is well above the reach of any of my equipment, I will have to do some creative thinking to get this branch out.

Many trees are still bent over from the weight of the ice and could break yet, as the top of this ash tree already has.

It is not only trees that have been put under stress.  The birds also are looking for food since most need seeds and tree buds to make it through the winter.  Ice covered trees and grasses are now locked away from them in most areas and they are congregating in areas the ice did not get to as can be seen by these tracks left by a flock of Juncos.

Also in evidence in the new snow were these mouse track which were only a few feet from the Koi pond.  It shows that my cats have not eliminated all mice from the area.

If the wind can stay away for a while, we are expecting some warm weather in a few days and many of these trees and grasses will be relieved of their extra weight.  Some damage may not show yet and could result in breaking branches later in the year as new leaves are forming.  Looks like I’ll have a bit of cleaning up to do when the weather improves.



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i wish i was there to see as over here in ireland we missed out on the snow this year its beautiful to see nature at its goodness

Comment by peaceofmind1981

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