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Too early

It’s the first day of spring here in southwestern Minnesota and my springtime pond is mostly brown.  I’ve cleaned up the dead plant material from around the pond and even cleaned most of the stuff that blew in over the winter off of the bottom.  At this time last year we had snow on the ground and frozen water, not so this year.

We’ve broken records for both daytime highs, and high minimum temperatures this week so all of our plants seem to be getting an early start. This year the frogs came off of the bottom to warm in the sunshine of our record warm days.  They’ve even found some insects to eat.

Most of the time the frogs dive in when I come into view, but sometimes one that thinks itself hidden better will sit around to be photographed.  If one frog dives in there are sure to be many others taking the plunge.  They are very dark so far this spring.  I’m hoping we’ll see our usual green leopard frogs when the area greens up.

The surprise of the pond today was to see the first blooms on the Marsh Marigolds.  This is my first year with these plants so I had not realized that they were such early bloomers.  I remember them being in bloom until freeze-up, so I’m expecting a long season of sunny yellow flowers.  I do hope they are not so early that they will freeze off before we get into our normal spring-time season.

The rain of the last few days has helped a lot, although we have not gotten much rain, just a few tenths.   Right now we are about six inches behind in rainfall and it will take a major shift in the weather patterns to get us back to normal.  One thing is for sure, it is hard to be gloomy when the weather is this nice.



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My husband and I walked through River Bend Nature Center here in Faribault on Sunday and the chorus of frogs at the prairie pond was deafening. But do you think we could spot a single frog? No. They stayed hidden. I hold no hope of photographing one. I would love to have a pond, with a waterfall, in our back yard. We have a natural hill so the geography is perfect.

Comment by Minnesota Prairie Roots

The frogs have been noisy here in Wisconsin, too. I have no idea when they normally come out, but this year it must be very early. My crocus hardly lasted at all. It’s just too hot for the crocus, but nice for me.

Comment by planthoarder

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