Minnesota Farmer

Froggy flat

It’s a beautiful April First here in Southwestern Minnesota and we are enjoying the warm before the weather turns a little more like April.  I went out to check the pond and found the “flat” near the bridge was full of leopard frogs again.

We counted 12 of them before I took the picture, you should be able to see at least 8 of them in this picture.  I found over 20 frogs around the pond at various times and they all have their favorite spots.  If they don’t like what’s going on around them they jump into the water and head down to a hide out.  So far they have been quiet and have not started “singing” to us.  Most of the frogs are black with a bit of yellow-green on them, but a couple have started to shift to green.

The Koi are not easy to photograph since most of them are “black” and prefer the deeper water.  These three orange one year olds are the easiest to see.  There at least 12 more one year olds in “black” (several are visible as grey ellipses in the picture) and three older black ones.

The marsh marigolds are the only bits of color in the pond for now.  I’m not sure if any of the other plants will come as the year goes along, but it is nice to see these yellow blooms.

Since I have had the creek running the water has cleared up a lot.  It is still a bit brown due to the dead leaves in the bottom, and the brown algae on the rocks, but warmer weather should green things up a bit more.

I added rock steps to make getting into the pond easier this spring.  As long as the grandchildren understand that this is a garden and not a swimming pool my plants should be safe.  Since Allison and Katelyn are still too young to get to the pond without help, I should be OK for this year.

The sedum, irises and day lilly’s are really starting to green up along the “creek.”  The stone cap stayed dusty green all winter long under the snow and is really spreading out over the rocks.  All it needed was to have the dead plant material removed to show its color.

I spread some grass seed in a large bare patch and put the sprinkler on it today.  That area of the lawn has had issues for years.  So far it grows weeds best but I’m hoping with some sturdier varieties I can get it to green up properly.

Enjoy spring!



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