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Silo coming down
April 30, 2012, 6:20 pm
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The silo that stood on my father’s farm is no more.  It was built about 45 years ago when we fed cattle.  The last year we used it we had a fire in the feed that burned for several weeks.  We have not had a cow on the place since then.  It was time for it to go.

The silo and the instrument of its destruction.

First the silo shed is removed.

Then a hole is knocked into the silo’s side.

The hole is widened.

How much more can it stand?

The fatal blow!  It begins to fall.

First if falls straight down.

Then it comes towards me…pieces fly everywhere.

It’s down, now all that is left is the cleanup.

That’s all, Michael


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Comment by Emily

I wonder what that must have sounded like.

Comment by planthoarder

Not a lot of sound or dust. The motor on the excavator was louder than the collapse.

Comment by Michael

I know it probably had to go. But it makes me a bit sad to see this identifying mark of a farm come tumbling down.

Comment by Minnesota Prairie Roots

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