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Plant in dust, plant in mud

There is an old quote that if you “Plant in dust your bins will bust, plant in mud the crops a dud.”  This year will see both extremes.

When we started planting this year we were in the hold of a drought that had dropped soil moisture levels dangerously low.  Lakes and streams were running at low levels and many tile lines had been reduced to a trickle if they were running at all.  Then it rained.  The Des Moines River came up 5 feet in a day and has held that level for a week now.  Many fields have standing water and mud is now a problem.  Working a whole field is not always possible.  The rain also polished the soil surface so that dust storms are possible causing farmers to do extra work to head off young plants being cut up by blowing sand.  From one problem to another.

Those farmers who live in Southwestern Minnesota now fit into two categories, those with corn yet to plant, and those who don’t.  Those with corn left to plant may be willing to cut a few corners to get their corn planted.  Those without, who have started to plant soybeans, have a few more options.  The weather report may be the key.

There is not a drop of rain in the 10 day forecast.  Because of that I am willing to wait to get going on soybean planting.  I have been out in the next field I wish to plant and it is a bit muddy in some spots.  By monday it should be fine.  My granddaughters are here for a visit, so I think I’ll visit.  There are a few other jobs to do, monday will be soon enough.



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Good luck Michael!

Comment by Janice aka JPlovesCOTTON

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