Minnesota Farmer

On a Swivel

Watch a farmer drive across country and you would think his head was on a swivel.  Checking out first one side of the road and then the other can give you whiplash, but for me there is so much to see.

What do you see as you travel farm country?  Those not involved in farming see very little, but farm folks see so much more, an example:  It rained Sunday, I took a trip today and had to see how the area was doing.  Because of all the rain I was checking out where water had eroded hillsides, where water was ponding or had ponded, where a deer had walked across wet ground, where geese were congregating in a ponded field and where the wind was starting to blow dust.  I do that every mile when I travel, it is continuous.  I also check out how tall the corn is, if the soybeans are coming up or not in planted fields and how the weed control is or is not doing.  I also check out farming methods and how they are effecting water movement.

It’s a wonder I get to my destination all the things I find to look at on a trip down the road.  The fact is that most farmers are the same.  Driving to another state where farming practices are different can really get the head moving.  We look for crops we do not plant, and different methods of planting those we do.  We study irrigation and tillage methods, look for cattle (or bison) on the hillsides in ranch country and notice trees around building sites and rivers.  We’ll look for wildlife and farm machines, tillage practices and building sites, there just is so much to study.  Farmers look for so much when they travel.

The next time you travel through farm country, take a look at all there is to see.  If you only see green fields you are not seeing, but only looking.  Travel the country with a farmer if you really want to see the countryside.



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Sounds like riding with a civil engineer, also.

Comment by Thom

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