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The pond, year 2

I’m into year two on my west pond, and things are looking good.  Last years pond may have been a little infertile since many plants are doing so much better this year.

Last year the water lettuce and hyacinth, both annuals in northern ponds, were just not growing well.  This year they are taking over quickly.  The water lilly is doing better as it should in its second year.

The year old koi are really eating up the fish food.  Most of the juveniles are changing color, but some may stay black.  The butterfly koi are blending right in.  They can be identified by their longer fins.

There are a few yellow flowers on the plants under the bridge.  I can’t remember the plants name.  I added some spiral rush in those pots this spring after the rushes I planted last year died.

I’ve added a few new annuals in the pond side pots that add a bit of new color and texture also.

The thyme growing in the sitting area rocks are really starting to look good also.

The new hibiscus is blooming again as it has come out of transplant shock.  I really like these flowers.

So there they are, pictures of the second year of my pond.  Hope you enjoyed them.



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I agree that hibiscus are beautiful. Love your pond, too. I can see you put a lot of work and effort into this project.

Comment by Minnesota Prairie Roots

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