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Our porch and pond continue to change.  This week the railing that we had ordered special made came.  

Sunday we spent some time cleaning and roughing the metal, then Karen painted it.  Today I installed it.

It looks great, and adds a bit of safety also.  It’s only 4 steps up and a drop to soft grass so we were not worried about spacing on the bars.  The hand rail will help get up and down the steps.

When we were in Colorado we found some nice brackets to add to the west posts of the porch, they were installed Sunday also.

They will allow the hanging of some decorative items to add some color.

Our floaters in the pond are really growing in this warm weather.  Here’s the pond on June 30th,

and here’s the pond today, July 9.  More and more the year old koi are turning from black to orange.  It’s fun to watch them all come when I feed them, it is taking more and more food to make them happy.

I finally found our newest batch of kittens today, they are about 2 weeks old.  Mom is not happy to have me around so I left them alone for now.  When they get older I’ll start getting to know them.

Our grass is starting to show signs of stress from the heat of last week.  Many places are starting to turn brown.  No rain is forecast for the next week, but temperatures will be a bit cooler than they were.

Some areas in the corn are showing a lack of water.  This was more pronounced in the 100 degree heat.  Now that temps are in the mid 80’s the roots are able to keep up with the demand for water.  There is some water if you go deep enough, I just hope it is enough to get the crop to the next rainfall.



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I love your pond. I dream to have space like this for a pond in my garden, but at the moment, I only can enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by jessegarden

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